Life on Mars is an Irish company interested in supporting the advancement of science. Life on Mars operates in the area of pioneering technologies and collaborates with leading research centers, providing services such as:

  • Applied research
  • Design and implementation of new technologies
  • User testing and testing in context-of use
  • Elaboration of business models and business cases based upon advancements in research
  • Marketing, dissemination and communication activities
  • Support in grant writing

Is there life on Mars? Will there ever be? These questions ignite the passion of the scientific community and represent our own curiosity and enthusiasm for a path with never ending scientific discoveries and advancements.


Life on Mars has been founded and is managed by two researchers who met while working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the past 10 years, we have carried out research projects through formal affiliations with the following institutions: Trinity College Dublin, Harvard, MIT, University of the Arts London, Malmö University.


  • Advanced spatial analysis and data visualization
  • Pervasive sensing for responsive urban environments
  • Decision support tools
  • UAVs and other innovative technologies for data collection

Download our company profile (PDF) to read about some of our projects.


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